If he was standing that close to me, I’d be freaking the fuck out. They all look like…”merp.”

I’d be playing Footsie with him.

jak0re said: Either way, all you do is disrespect all other genres. It's bullshit.

Pardon me, but I DO?! Me? When did I JUST disrespect another genre? Quote a sentence, please. I said nothing disrespectful about any other genre of music in my little rant nor in my reply to a fan of Suicide Silence. 

Welcome To Oblivion, and Meet the Show Stopper!!: You Can't Fucking Quiet a Person With Respect.


Yo One Directioners, you think you’re like all funny and cool dissing on Mitch, not showing respect for his death and shit? I got news for you; you’re shitty little fuckin’ boy group ain’t got shit on Suicide Silence or any other band that sends a good message. All your fan base does is disrespect…

You think we’re all saying this? You think every single fucking one of us is saying he deserved to die?! No. I haven’t even seen a single person who said that, so no need to diss the band and their music because they haven’t done anything, just some fans. EMPHASIS ON SOME. Fuck off and stop saying “If you’re a fan, I’ll fuck you up,” because what have most of us done? Nothing. Back off, bro.

Opinion on Mitch from a Directioner…

Hi, I’m Sammy. I’m a major fan of One Direction, yes, and you’re probably already judging me really hardcore right now from that simple statement. Look, I did my research on Mitch Lucker. He was a father and a husband, he died innocently, and he honestly looked like a fun guy to be around. I’ve seen multiple posts about how “all Directioners are saying Mitch Lucker deserved to die and was emo” and how when Alex said he didn’t like their new song, they gave him death threats and said he could “go slit his emo wrists.” Now, if multiple girls said that, like idk, a hundred, I’m sorry. There are sections of every fandom that everybody else just dislikes. If it was a couple girls though, like 50, why would you blame it on all of us? I follow thousands of Directioners on Twitter and Tumblr and I’m friends with so many personally, and I’ve never seen one who I just thought was that mean. Yeah, there are the girls saying, “I’m a flawless queen,” but that’s a fandom joke and we all respect each other. Again, I personally think Mitch was a great guy who didn’t deserve to die. But why would you call us all vile and disgusting and mean and hateful when actually like 90% of us aren’t even willing to say “I hate you”? I’ve seen so many Directioners who are suicidal and insecure and so sweet and quiet. I’ve seen Directioners who are perverted and have so many colorful words in their vocabulary (I’m placed in that category, tbh). I’ve seen Directioners who act like they’re queens and the world is made up of “stupid peasants” and who curse out haters. I’ve even seen Directioners who are annoying and leak songs and don’t even respect the boys or deserve the title of Directioner. Never have I ever, though, seen a Directioner - A REAL DIRECTIONER - who said somebody deserved to die and meant it. We don’t use the word “emo” because we have people who cut themselves in our fandom. We don’t just disrespect that way. Keep in mind that I know thousands of other Directioners who live in different countries and speak different languages and whatnot. All I’m trying to say is PLEASE stop saying that all of One Direction fans are disgusting and rude because, really, we aren’t. RIP, Mitch Lucker. 1984-2012 xx


Artist: One Direction

Track: Summer Love

Album: Take Me Home

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I want you to rock me.

Little Things Larry Oneshot

Yesterday. You left this world yesterday. Somebody didn’t pull you out of it, no, you picked up your bags and hopped on the plane to another home. You left me, Lou. Here I am laying in your bed, listening to our song and breathing in the air that smells just like you.

Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.

Do you remember in interviews we’d hold hands under the table? The other boys would frown upon it because we might get caught, but we didn’t care. Or I didn’t. Did you? I just know that your fingers belong in the spaces between mine.

But bear this in mind, it was meant to be.

Remember when you whisper-sang that to me when I fell asleep on your lap a couple of weeks ago? My favorite line from my favorite song…and you sang it to me.

And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks

I’m looking at a picture of you now. You didn’t have many freckles, but the ones you did have actually meant a lot to me. It’s where the sun kissed your face. It’s where I kissed your face.

And it all makes sense to me…

The boys just don’t understand why I loved you. Nobody did. I did, though, Lou. You’re so perfect..

I know you never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile

Why, though? That was always how I could tell if you were genuinely happy. If those crinkles weren’t there, you were forcing your smile. Then I’d make you a cuppa and you’d take a nap next to me. Remember those days? Those were the rare days where you were just feeling low about life. Those should have been the days I paid attention to the most.

You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs. The dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine…

Damn, Louis. You were - are - so perfect to me. You left because of your goddamn insecurities, but why? I told you every fucking day that you were beautiful, why didn’t you believe me? I tried so hard to convince you, but you wouldn’t listen!

…but I’ll love them endlessly.

I’m sorry I got mad at you. You’re the one who should be furious. I failed. I didn’t pay enough attention to you. Do you believe me now, though? Can you believe me? I will love every little speck of you endlessly. There won’t be a day where I think “Maybe they’ll treat me better than Louis” or “They could be a better soul mate than Louis” because you’re Louis. You’re everything to me.

I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth…

I never told you. I was afraid to tell you. I thought you’d accuse me of lying again and ignore me another day. I couldn’t afford it..

But if I do, it’s you they add up to

Those specks of you made the man I fell in love with… I can’t express how much regret I feel right now.

I’m in love with you and all these little things

That line has more truth to it than any line we’ve ever sang. Please understand that, Louis.. I love you so much.

I can’t listen to your verse. I just can’t. Your voice will just remind me that you won’t be here tonight…or the next night…or any other night. I might just move back with Mum. I can’t stay here alone..

I can’t even listen to this song anymore.. It sickens me now. It gives me a bitter taste, and it feels like I’m swallowing poison with every note. I miss you, Louis. I miss laying on top of you, and the only things I could see were your eyes and my curls framing them. I miss your hand on my waist when you slept. I miss your laugh and your morning voice and how competitive you got when we played Fifa. I miss you. I need you, I want you, I just have to have you, but I can’t. I know that if I left too then you’d be so disappointed in me. You’d give me that look and when I’d ask, “What?” you’d just shake your head in disappointment, turn around, and walk away. I miss goofing around in the studio and playing with your knuckles and tracing your wrist veins. I miss those little things..





Hey remember that one time when 5 random boys decided to audition on xfactor


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This whole fandom needs a group hug

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